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youth conference 2021

On the 27th of November, the Toowoomba Youth Peace Group held the annual conference, ‘Connecting through Compassion’. The conference day was a huge success and around thirty young people attended to engage in compassion building activities and listen to inspiring guest speakers. Each speaker captivated the audience and helped them understand why being compassionate is so critical to ensuring a peaceful society. Some highlight speakers were Bomkey from E-Raced, Anni from Flourish Pick Your Own Community Gardens, Hannah from SONDER and Sue Ray from Deadly Ways USQ. The day continued with an delicious lunch supplied by the Pure Land Learning College Association and soon after activities were played which correlated with compassion. These activities taught us how we can practice to be a compassionate society that everyone enjoyed. The day then concluded with a fun game of Mafia that consolidated the strong friendships made between all young people who came. Overall, this conference was able to engage, connect and inspire the young people of the Toowoomba Region to enact positive change in our community through learning the importance of compassion in our actions. 


Rheanca Lincoln

Member, Toowoomba Youth Peace Group

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